Do I need and SR22?

There are several reasons that someone may need to file an SR22

In General, someone whose license is under suspension for one of the following:

  • a DUI
  • a DWI 
  • an OVWI
  • an OUI

The Department of Motor vehicles (DMV) or similar entity needs an SR22 filed to reinstate his or her license. You may have been instructed by the court or DMV to obtain a financial responsibility filing, which is generally an SR22.

Other reasons that you may need an SR22 filing:

If you were in an accident and did not maintain the required amount of insurance at the time of the accident, you may need an SR22 filing.  There may be other violations, which vary by location, that result in the need of such a filing.


How to move forward with an SR22 filing:

The team at Stratum Insurance Agency LLC makes this as easy as possible, but helping you find insurance and filing the SR22.  If you have been having trouble finding insurance because you lack prior coverage, have too many tickets, or another tough situation, request a quote for insurance today and we can start working to help you.


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