How to get an FR44?

Getting an FR44 filing with Stratum Insurance Agency is easy, as our personal insurance team is dedicated to helping customers in these situations.

If you are a new customer:

When you request a quote for auto insurance, you can simply choose the FR44 option.  We can help by adding an FR44 filing to your policy.  First, we’ll review the limits required for the FR44 filing, then we will run a quote comparison to help find you the balance of price and coverage that meets your needs.  It’s really that easy.  Our team can get you a quote quickly and then call you to review the options.  If you prefer, we can also email it to you.  Of course, we use electronic signatures to make the whole process smooth.


If you are a current customer:

Contact to let us know that you need an FR44 filing added to your insurance.  We may need to adjust your liability limits to meet the requirements in Florida or Virginia (as these are the states that require FR44s.

If you have moved to another state but still need to meet the FR44 requirements, just let us know when you contact us


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